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Indian heritage, art and culture form the very root of Indian civilization and our national identity. As Indians it is time for each of us to realize the creative contribution of artists to the country, which enables to shapes its unique identity. At the same time art, being primarily an object of pleasure, imparts joy to all, and has the potential to widen one’s ken of perception. Our project aims at promoting and showcasing extensively contemporary art in India and abroad. Great care has been taken to position contemporary Indian Art amid the world of art and culture in a balanced and coherent manner.

Artists circle created under the voluntary organization, the Artists Welfare Trust, solely as a platform committed to help young and talented artists of India to create a place for themselves amongst the historical folklore of the world. Our organization though formed on April 20th 2003, was registered as a charitable Trust on December 30th 2003. It has been recognized by other Government organizations with which we have jointly hosted major events.

The gallery is a platform for artistic expression just as a stage is a platform for a theatre. Artists Circle shall remain sensitive to this fact and work to make its space, at Park Circus, a meeting ground for cross currents of interdisciplinary creativity with the aid of painters, sculptures, art, historians, critics, curators, photographers, printmakers and gharana music scholars from diverse disciplines along with lectures and discussions related to the arts.

In order to keep alive the extraordinary quality, talent, energy and versatility of both young and seasoned artists, Artist Circle has several exciting projects on its anvil. Its focus is to support the artists involved in various fields of art such as painting, sculpture and music – both vocal and instrumental, holding of art events, exhibitions, seminars, workshops all over India and abroad.


Our Objectives

  • Promote and develop, art and culture, including paintings, sculptures, and different forms of art, both traditional and modern;
  • Organize exchange residency workshops through our Culture Connect Program with artists from different states of India and outside the Country;
  • Develop, build or acquire hostels, or shelter, for  artists, their family or persons engaged for promoting,  art, music, culture in general irrespective of caste creed or religion:
  • Manage, maintain and run Art centers, engaged in the development and promotion of Art & Culture;
  • Carry out publications, documentary films, serials, books, on literature, art & culture, for useful benefit and for promotion of knowledge in the field of Art.
Our Activities:

Our organization believes that seniors in creative fields have much to contribute and pass on to their juniors, and this can be best achieved through interactive camps and workshops. These camps provide a fertile platform for exchange of thoughts and ideas between the old and the new. Here the seniors benefit from the new trends of the juniors as do the juniors from the experience of the seniors, especially in terms of technique and style.

Hence all those who feel the need for such a platform for exchange of ideas and learning may contact us willingly.

 In these workshops we organize travel, and lodging  free for the artists, who may like to come out of their cocoon and mix with others and discuss topics related to their respective creative fields. We would facilitate increased interaction by introducing artists from various other fields such as mime artists, poets, dancers, singers, musicians, and puppeteers.
It is essential that artists who are constantly producing art works have a suitable venue for the display of their works. Usually spaces are available at such exorbitant rates that most artists cannot afford them to exhibit their art works. Hence we at Artists Circle have a two room space(approx 450 sq ft each room located in the heart of the city, where artists from Kolkata and outside the city may exhibit their works, and in addition, we provide support in terms of inviting the press, mailing to the clients, printing the invitation card.

We have a unique facility for artists who come from other states, a provision to stay and work while there exhibition is on. This gives them time to interact with the people and their fraternity, and get to know each other better.
Cultural Bonding :
As a forum that aims to actively push the envelope of contemporary art practice mediated through events and practices, that  further  the cause of cultural exchange, experimentation, invention, research and critical debate, Artists Circle positions this residency workshop as a model  for cultural exchange within the ambit of the visual arts.

Art, if used as a universal language could be used as a tool to remove all geographical boundaries within our country and thereby unite us through a strong cultural and social bond. We could use the same medium to link us to different parts of the world. In our country, each state has its own culture, tradition and heritage and these find suitable expression through an artist’s work on the canvas.

This residency program would invite artists from different states of India and outside the country to Kolkata for one week, during which the artists would be required to stay, work, make presentation of their background, their art and heritage of their native place, and interact with the local people and art lovers.

Adjoining to this event we would also conduct an exhibition of the artist’s works for a period of 15 days  in our gallery.
We would also help the visiting artists to know more about Kolkata and assist them to visit places of their interest and meet different people they would like to interact with and explore the rich and varied cultural facets of Kolkata and West Bengal.
Creative training :
India has always projected itself as a developed country in the field of Art and culture. Its deep rooted culture and civilization goes back to its antiquity. Change is inevitable and this change comes with the influence of many cultures through the changing scenario of our socio-economic culture, development and influence of foreign invaders in the past. We have seen in the past that despite influence of various cultures, India has retained its rich cultural heritage as well as made its art and cultural heritage more refined. In the present scenario, we are observing that the younger generation is losing interest or is becoming oblivious to our rich art and cultural wealth.


There can be various explanations to this, as there is no scope of a natural growth of interest among the younger generation. Television, computer or internet, sometimes do show the small glimpses of our cultural heritage but most children never get an informed and realistic exposure to the larger canvas that would make them value the essence of their very rich culture. The children are drawn more towards other cultures of the world without knowing their own cultural roots which in itself is rich and so varied.

It is the moral and social responsibility of organization like ours to organize camps , workshops and training for  children of the next generation who would like to have some cultural exposure. The faculty that we provide is all trained professionally and we provide the right faculty for the right subjects.

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